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MARTIN JÖNSSON: Degree in journalism at the university of Gothenburg in 1990. News paper and radio reporter 1990-1994. Founder and editor of philosophical magazine Äcklet (The Nausea) 1992-98. Musician in the subway of Paris 1986-87. Born in 1967. Fluent in English, Spanish and French.
1994-2002 news reporter and editor at TV4.
2003-2006 investigative journalism:
-reporter and editor at major TV programmes for investigative journalism in Sweden: Uppdrag granskning on SVT1 and Kalla Fakta on TV4. Including the first revealing investigation of
Swedish SIGINT>>>
Guest lecturer, University of Gothenburg.
Consultant in editorial management TV4 and SR (Swedish public service radio).
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Independent filmmaker since 2006. Director, producer and film editor. Filmography>>>